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Wim Hendrik Marc Steynen and Zelda Prozek are working together with Michael Mounfarid to create Conceptual Fashion Art based on the Disney World of Narnia. The first episode is called: The 4 Seasons of Narnia.

4 Seasons in the World of Narnia - A Phoenix Phoeme

Once upon a time there was a land.
Land where everything is possible. 
Land that you couldn't find
even on the oldest maps, 
but still full of beauty and magic.
That was a land of four sisters, 
daughters of mother Nature.  Four queens.

Spring, the youngest one, was the most playful and charmful creature ever. 
Her touch was soft, her smile and voice were able
to wake up even the most sleepiest residents of Narnia.
In the moment, she turned everything into the bird song
and sweet floral smell.

Then Summer came.  Summer was born in the ocean, under the sun,
and the rain. Under the thunders and lightnings.
At the same time, she was able to give you the warmest hug ever,
and crashed you with the strongest storm,
that you could imagine.

After Summer was gone, Autumn came.
Autumn was a true artist. Her magic was in the colors. 
When she came, landscape exploded 
from all shades of orange, red and yellow. 
She painted very careful,
even tiniest leaves got their shades. 

The oldest one, Winter, 
liked only loneliness and silence. 
One day she decided to erase everything that Autumn did.. 
She covered everything with the snow, 
and put animals into the deep sleep,
waiting for Spring to come again. The  End. :)

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