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portrait Wim Hendrik Marc Steynen made by Anna Cuypers for ART Together

Before we look at my work I will tell you who I am and what drives me in my passion

What is my biggest passion?

My passions are fashion and art, and more specific making creative photo works that fashion designers, fashion houses and clothing brands allows to bring advertising with a big impact. Although I am up to date with the latest digital technology, it is a big part of my strength that I am well acquainted with analogue photography and many of the tricks that were used and today often end up in oblivion. Doing so, I have not only a unique style, but I can often give faster results than colleagues who need hours, often days to update their works digital afterward.




My pictures are taken with a different approach than mostly current commercial photographers but as I have worked in other sectors with commercial experience including 25 years in marketing, I do not forget the basics. The result is that often, although my images are art but that it helps customers to stand out of the crowd. My inspiration is the work of artists such as Tim Harper and Steven Meisel who often are very innovative in their sector.


What combines fashion with ecology and environment?


Because my work is very progressive, I was noticed by fashion designers like Albert Chapel. Albert is a very popular dutch designer who not only creates clothing but also believes that our environment plays a major role. He makes clothes that should not only be beautiful but also portable and with a smallest possible ecological footprint. eg from waste materials of wood, metal, cork, plastic but also from natural substances such as cow skin (which never sewn anything or used other materials) or seaweed. This trend has recently picked up by eg Adidas which released a new shoe in limited production made from waste plastic from the oceans. It are innovators like Albert who change our world and I want to contribute.


What does your logo stand for?


My logo is a Phoenix. A symbol already known from ancient times and in many cultures the symbol of the resurrection. Of going and coming. A process that has been experienced by every artist. Not every day is about roses. Only the strongest diehards get where they want to get.


From where your nicknames?


My fans gave me two nicknames include The Phoenix and Mister (Mr.) Light. The first concerns my logo but also the hard struggle that I had to enter my beginnings. The 2nd (Mr. Light) refers to my sense of light. Where most photographers especially measuring light, I do this myself almost never. I am "feeling" the light, set up my camera settings and start photographing without measuring. Almost allways with the light I exactly wanted.


What projects did you like to do?


I had dozens of publications in fashion and art magazines. An artistic nude portrait of Khiara Gray clinched first place way in Gallery 24 of the internationally renowned Blur Magazine. A lingerie photo with natural light and Lana Kitevs as model covers Promo Magazine Valentine Edition and there were several other photos on cover, back cover, editorials, etc featured sections of magazines. I am also very proud of my two covers of international novels as well as several on-site releases of books like Domy and Solange and my final realization namely STEAM. A magazine entirely self-published, with its own artwork and layout also appreciated by the general public, and it is for example in the Apple & Amazon Store for sale.



Enjoy my artistic work and hopefully it can inspire,



Wim Hendrik Marc Steynen

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